Thursday, 10 March 2016

Amazing Features of PaxIT Image Database Software

Today, we can integrate microscope with a digital camera which can capture images of 1.4MP to 32MP. Therefore, images captured by digital microscope cameras can have size varying from 4.3MB to 90MB. Normally available database software can easily manage image files. However, for images of these sizes, you require special purpose DBMS software as general purpose DBMS software cannot offer performance when you have to store or retrieve these images. 

Image database software of PaxIT is the software specially designed for storing, managing and retrieving high quality images captured using a digital microscope camera. This flexible software allows you to define your own powerful database and you require no technical knowledge or special training for using this software. This software enables the user to set up custom database fields which are required for defining and tagging metadata of images. If the user wants to create custom dropdown lists and associate them with fields for easy data entry then it can be easily done. Some of the most useful features of this image database software are:                                                 

        Flexible and customizable setup.
        Multiple organization levels, easy browsing of simple cabinet/folder/thumbnail system.
        Easy browsing of advanced tree structure supporting drag and drop rearrangement of folders and nesting.
        Defining custom criteria for auto-sorting images.                                     

Image Database Software

          File and retrieve images quickly.
         Store images to removable, network or optical drives with or without   custom JPEG compression.
      ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) for supporting SQL-Server, MS-Access Database, and Oracle.
         Creating slide shows.
          Database tags for searching related images.
      Image processing and annotation within image archive and collection. 
There are many other handy features of this software which you can learn by visiting PaxIT. Visit now!

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